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Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> technology can fail, and does. >> the new california law makes it easier to fight tickets. it requires the cameras to be placed in locations for safety reasons and prohibits their use solely for revenue. how do you know? it also requires the posting of signs that say tickets are nearby and those signs require an innocent ticket recipient to identify the actual driver who committed the offense. >>> a crime wave in colorado is getting a lot of attention, but so far few arrests. it's horsehair theft. thieves are cutting the tails and manes of horses and using the hair to make jewelry, bring bridals and horsehair extensions. >> owned by an older lady, came the next morning and found his tail cut off and his mane chopped up. this horse's tail was very thick, clear to the ground. so it was a nice hunk of tail for somebody to steal. >> horsehair sells for as little as $10 for a bag of hair to hundreds of dollars for a full tail. >>> still ahead on 9 news now this saturday night, terrifying moments at a fair when a tornado rips through the area knocking over a ferris wheel and injurin
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
new jersey institute of technology and the u.s. merchant marine academy. >> any storms we have this winter might be more memorable because of how they're described. the weather channel has decided to start naming winter storms. it's to help track severe weather systems similar to the way that tropical storms are named during hurricane season. the weather channel described this year's list of storms names as having attitude. some of the posibilities include drako, athena and magnus. >> and more than that, probably it's low, moderate or high impablgt. >> and a way to differentiate between the different ones. >> exactly. all right. how about tomorrow morning, and overnight, this fog is kind of dramatic. >> yeah. if i had to give that a name, it would be gotham. it's kind of like gothem city out there. when you head out tomorrow morning, what's awaiting you is driving through one great big cloud. could couldn't bring you the city cam shot. it's just so shocked in. the fog and a look at our building there at nbc universal. lets's take a look at those visibleties right now. again, they're
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2